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About Michael
These days I enjoy mind challenging games like Portal, strategy games like Kingdom Rush, and the hugely popular MMO Style game "Clash of Clans".

Clash of Clans
I am currently Clan Leader of the Deathknight Clan. My member name is Infotek3000. I lead approximately 40 international clan members into a Clanwar each week. I am a generous donater - having donated as many as 10,000 troop spaces in 1 month. I actively encourage low-level villages to adopt improved defence strategies and learn better tactics for battle.

Pinball Parlours
"I was THAT kid... In the 1970's I would loiter around the Pinball Machines, looking for a free credit or waiting for an opportunity to play. Some of my favourite Pinball Machines were Middle Earth, Shark, Gorgar, KISS, Playboy Mansion etc... and then came the rise of Video Games, Amusement Centres and Early Game Consoles. I apologise in advance for not mentioning all the Consoles, PC's and Games that I ever played... too numerous to mention them all.

Video Games
From 1978 I started regularly playing "Video Games" like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Donkey Kong.

Amusement Centres
In the early 1980's - as Amusement Centres started popping up across the country I went on to play games like Defender, Galaxian, Pac Man, Popeye, Planet Patrol, 1942, Rastan Saga & Street Fighter etc...

Early Game Consoles
I remember some of the earliest Game Consoles such as Activision - with games like Pong. Atari played a big part in my early game console experience - with games such as Archon, Frogger and Missile Command. Then Sega came along with Games like Alex Kidd.

The Rise of the Home Computer
In the mid 1980's I witnessed the rise of the Home Computer, with names such as the Apple II, VZ-200, Vic-20, Commodre64, Commodre Amiga, IBM-PC, Texas Instruments, the TRS-80, the Microbee and many more. As Home Computers proliferated so did the number of games I could play and enjoy.
I loved early computer games like Turrican, Beast, Double Dragon, Galdregon's Domain, Power Monger, XCom UFO Enemy Unknown and Doom! Later I played games like Warcraft, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Serious Sam and Empire Earth.

Early Internet Based games
I played some of the early internet based games such as Command & Conquer and Half-life.

LAN Parties
Around 2001 I established a small informal group of LAN Gamers. Up to 16 of us would meet once a month, upgrading and networking our Computers and playing various LAN games including Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault.

(Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games). Early on I tried my hand at Second Life and Runescape. These games have evolved significantly since the early days.

Later Game Consoles
Sony Playstation and X-Box brought out games like Left For Dead and Alan Wake.

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